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Biographical Profile for Carole M. Lokan-Moore
Previous Candidate for State Senator District 7, New Jersey
Age: 69
Party: New Jersey Republican Party
Phone: n/a
Address: 1029 Cooper Street
Edgewater Park NJ 08010
Carole M. Lokan-Moore's positions and views on the issues:
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General: (political statement of goals, objectives, views, philosophies)
If you are not a part of the solution, you are part of the problem"…. I am here to be the "Solution". Our founding fathers were not "Politicians", they were farmers, planters, & property owners who came for a bit, did their best. Then George, Thomas, etc. went home to allow some one with "newer ideas" to step forth. that's what we need today. Kick out all the "Career Politicians" ! New Jersey needs new blood in Trenton. N. J. needs legislators who will "think outside of the box" to get control of spending. NJ needs legislators who will not "spend tax payers money on private interest groups like Planned Parenthood" Our Governor Vetoed Diane Allen's Bill to waste 7 million of tax payers money, but she attached it, to another bill, and it passed. As a Christian, I do not want my tax money payed to the Largest Abortion Clinic in the Country. It is time for the "Career politician to go back home". It is time to shrink our Government spending by half. It is time to let "new Ideas" spring forth to stimulate this economy. Let's cut the Regulation and make N.J. 'ready for Business" & welcome back the entrepreneurship of tomorrow.
Personal: (gender, age, marital status, spouse's name and age, children's name and ages, home town, current residence)
Family Husband William
2 Children Carrie, Lizzie
Birth Date 05/07/1946
Birthplace Camden, NJ
Home City Edgewater Park, NJ
Education: (times and places of schools, colleges, major, degrees, activities, sports)
Attended, Rosemont College - E.S.L., 1990
Attended, Glossboro College, 1971-1972
AA, B. Co. College, 1977
Profession: (profession and work experience outside politics)
Teacher, 1972-present
Military: (branch, years of service, active duty experience, highest rank, medals, honors, discharge date and type)
no response
Civic: (past and present organizations, charities involvement)
Founding Vice President, American Business Women's Association, 1993-present
Range Officer, Delran Junior Marksmen Target Team, 1990-present
Instructor, Hunter's Education, New Jersey State Volunteers, 1990-present
Docent, New Jersey State House Tour Guide, 1990-1998
Political: (dates and titles of previously held political offices)
Secretary, E.P. Environmental Commission, 1980
Candidate, New Jersey State Legislature, 2001
Religion: (current and past religious affiliations, beliefs)
Accomplishments: (significant accomplishments, awards, achievements)
no response
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