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November 2004 General Election

Candidates for U.S. President & Vice President, U.S. President

John Kerry - D
John Edwards - D
George W. Bush - R
Richard B. "Dick" Cheney - R
Ralph Nader - I
Peter Miguel Camejo - REF
Michael Badnarik - L
Richard Campagna - L
Michael Peroutka
Chuck Baldwin - REF
David Keith Cobb - G
Bill Van Auken - SE
Jim Lawrence
Walter F. "Walt" Brown - PRO
Mary-Alice "Mal" Herbert - LU
Roger Calero - SW
Arrin Hawkins - SW
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Professional Experience
Civic Involvement
Political Experience
Religious Affiliation
Accomplishments and Awards
Educational Background
Military Service
Reasons & Objectives
Why I Am Running for Public Office
Achievements If Elected
Areas to Concentrate On
On Entering Public Service
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